Friday, July 22, 2005

ArcGIS Server 9.2 (Java): Coming soon to a GIS near you

The ESRI User Conference is around the corner and it's time to talk about what the future holds for our users. Before I delve into the details let me say this: ArcGIS Java users, we have heard you! Here's what the future holds for you:

  • A pure Java experience: No more query interfacing... no proxies to deal with... The Java programmer will get an API s/he lives by - pure Java... diagnostic exception handling... established design patterns... the whole shebang... you name it we got it!

  • A rich SDK experience with Eclipse plug-ins to help you get easily started with using ArcGIS... one click deploy and run of samples... ready to use application templates... code snippets... an integrated and intuitive help system...

  • The web tier is being reworked to leverage state of the art technologies (if you are thinking AJAX you are right, but there's MORE)... how about the ability to work with multiple data sources - ArcGIS, ArcIMS, ArcWeb Services... how about the ability to add your custom source... dynamic layer reordering and grouping... network analysis... the list goes on...

  • Geoprocessing: You'll get a pure Java experience with GP too - tools, Java data types, geoprocessor, exceptions... You can also build your own custom tool / model, use a tool generator to generate a pure Java class for the same and just like that you are ready to incorporate new GP functionality into your Java GIS.

  • OTB EJBs to integrate GIS with your J2EE infrastructure.

All this and more will be discussed at the UC in a couple of sessions:

  • ArcGIS Road Ahead: What's Coming for GIS Developers at 9.2

    • Offering I - Wed 8:30 AM Room: 6A (SDCC)

    • Offering II - Thu 1:30 PM Room: 6A (SDCC)

  • ArcGIS Road Ahead: What's Coming in ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server at 9.2

    • Offering I - Tue 1:30 PM Room: 6A (SDCC)

    • Offering II - Thu 8:30 AM Room: 6A (SDCC)

I'm sure you are rushing to add them to your agenda! Also, here's the UC Q and A for more info...

See ya!

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