Monday, June 18, 2007

ArcGIS Server REST and JavaScript APIs announced

REST and JavaScript APIs for the ArcGIS Server were announced at the ESRI UC Plenary Session today.

At 9.3 you can REST-enable your ArcGIS Server services. You can then either consume them from the ArcGIS JavaScript library as well as from other clients such as Google Maps, Virtual Earth and the like.

While at the UC, you can learn more about these APIs at the Server Road Ahead sessions, the EDN sessions, Advanced ArcGIS Online Sessions and also at the Java SIG.


sgillies said...

Is the API published? What flavor? URI construction (like S3), or links (like APP)?

Anonymous said...

No, the API is not yet published. As for the flavor - there will be json support for easier integration with JavaScript.

Anonymous said...

When a more comprehensive patch to fix Web ADF 9.2 bugs, or a readable javadoc updates shall be announced ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Keyur,

I came across this blog while googling for problem regarding implementation of a MULTIPLE SELECT LIST BOX on a Custom Task window in ArcGIS Server 9.2 Java Web ADF.

How can I implement the multiple select list box on custom task window???

K.Shiva Shankar

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